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Ariel of Resident Sis


A Note from Ariel:

Hey, girl! I’m Ariel.

I help Black millennial women engage in radical self-love through heartfelt words, meditation, and events. It’s my pleasure to teach women that they’re more than what society has called them to be. In your wildest dreams, you are happy, whole, and free. Why not live this way IRL?

Resident Sis, the homegirl headquarters, is my means of connecting with an audience of women who are dying to take up space. We journal. We laugh. We get in touch with our emotions. We heal. And most of all, we’re in this together.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I’m honored to assist you in (re)discovering the woman within.

About Resident Sis:

Resident Sis is a safe space for Black millennial women experiencing daily America. It’s no secret that women often neglect themselves for the sake of everyone else. A practice once deemed as commendable, we’ve learned that this lifestyle is more harmful than it is good. We strive to break that mindset and equip Black women with the tools and skills needed to achieve noticeable development of self. Whether online or in person, we curate environments that hyper focus on self-care, self-love, self-identity, and self-discovery. An added bonus is our embedded super dope tribe. Focusing on yourself is personal, but it can be hard. Our community reminds us that we’re in this for the long haul, together. We hope that you find at least one useful product or service here. Additionally, our self-titled podcast is available on all streaming services. We take Black women’s liberation seriously. Are you ready for this work?

When we were looking for a journal to support you in kicking off your 2021, we immediately knew that we wanted Ariel's Self-Love Journal to be included!

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