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Monica of Charcoal Blue Project Management

CHARCOAL BLUE, LLC a boutique minority woman-owned project management firm (specializing in luxury hotel, retail, restaurant, casino and resort projects).

Here's a note from the Head Woman In Charge:

Great project management unites clients and teams, creates a vision for a successful project and gets everyone on the same page of what’s needed to stay on track for success.

Without it, what holds the team and client together? And without it, who is left to navigate through the ups and downs, clashes and catastrophes of projects? Which leads me to this … do you like celebration parties?

As a Project Manager, I make sure champagne is flowing. More seriously, I am in charge of making projects successful. I am the girl in the trenches that is striving to get everyone on board and make sure project teams go in one direction.

My goal is to achieve success with a minimum of friction and have things go smoothly. I know we’re not in Disneyland here; there are always conflicts or problems to solve. My job is to anticipate, solve or at least lessen their impact, and--only if I have to--escalate to the ultimate decision makers, the board.

I provide the minimum necessary and sufficient information to them for quick and efficient decisions. I relay these back to the teams, whether they like it or not, and enforce them.

Without people like me and my brand, you’d probably have more open warfare on the project floor than bottles of champagne popping up in style at the end of a project.

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