Tori Taylor created her own way of helping people and supporting equality for everyone. The 9-year-old girl handmade hundreds of bracelets for organizations supporting the homeless, foster care, and those overcoming illnesses just to name a few. "I like just wearing jewelry because it makes me feel confident, so I wanted to make sure other people feel confident wearing jewelry too," she said.

Taylor came up with the idea of making bracelets with inspirational phrases to give to people.

"I like just standing up for people and making sure they feel happy," Taylor said.

Her mother, Tiffany Taylor said, "I think it’s innate in children just to be able to love other people, and I think that is something that as parents we should definitely take the opportunity to encourage and support them."

Her mother says she is proud of the way her daughter is sharing her talents and connecting with others. "In having a conversation with her at the beginning of the pandemic and after the death of George Floyd, she turned to me and said just a couple of words that stood out with me, and even now they give me goosebumps, and she said, 'All we need is love.'"

Tiffany says her daughter wanted to be able to make an impact on race and equality issues as well. Some of the money she raises through her online Etsy store is donated to organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

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